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Twin Cities Business Growth

Established in 2018, Twin Cities Business Growth empowers leaders to cultivate knowledge, accelerate growth, and foster innovation.

Who We Are

Twin Cities Business Growth started as a way to cohesively address many of the issues the founding partners saw their clients facing every day. By providing an annual event centered around prevalent issues, trending topics and industry-specific forecasts, the group has built a loyal following of business owners, VPs, and C-Suite executives eager to hear from the experts as well as network with others looking to grow their companies. Now, Twin Cities Business Growth is much more than just an annual event. It's a network you can rely on as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of business leadership.


We encourage you to dive into our blog and connect with our social channels to stay updated on everything Twin Cities Business Growth can offer you!

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Areas of Expertise

Strategic Talent Partners is a national executive search and leadership solutions firm with more than 250 years of combined experience serving privately held and employee-owned companies. We equip organizations to achieve their business goals through recruiting, retaining, and developing strong leadership talent.

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SUCCESS Computer Consulting empowers businesses to grow and innovate with technology, while mitigating cybersecurity risks. Our expert team provides technology support, strategic planning, and thoughtful guidance to ensure your technology is optimized for success and growth, all with a seamless experience.

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Pivotal Advisors helps small to mid-sized companies reach their next level of growth. By using measurable tactics that are both scalable and repeatable, we can get your company on a healthy, profitable track once more.

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The Resultants® is a leading business advisory firm based in the Twin Cities. We work with CEOs/owners and their Leadership Teams to implement a proven Business Operating System, aligning teams around a shared vision, driving discipline and accountability deep into the organization and helping businesses go further, faster.

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Twin Cities Business Growth Logo - blue, yellow, red and green triangles

Meet the Partners

Twin Cities Business Growth wouldn't be possible without the support of its founding partners. Read about them below, then check out the Knowledge Center for insightful blogs covering each of their specialties.

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Talent & People Strategy

Discover how to recruit and retain talent.

An illustration show a man working on a laptop
Leveraging Technology

Make technology work to your advantage.

An illustration shows a man and woman looking at graphs and working on a laptop
Sales Development

Learn how to foster sales growth more effectively.

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Business Leadership

Identify new ways to improve leadership techniques.

2024 Conference

November 13, 2024

Midland Hills Country Club, Roseville, MN

We welcome you to join our community of local business owners and executives, and learn how to ignite growth in your business through:

  • Interactions with local experts and successful business owners

  • Networking opportunities with peers

  • Conversations with a cohort of leaders who understand your challenges

An audience watches a speaker at a podium during a Twin Cities Business Growth conference
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